13 nov. 2013

UNIT 5 SCIENCE 2º EP Air and water

Air is a mixture of different gases.
One of these gases is oxygen.
We need oxygen to live.

Fresh water is in rivers and lakes.
You can drink it or water the plants.

Salt water is in the sea. It is salty.
You cannor drink it or water the plant.

28 oct. 2013

UNIT 4 SCIENCE 2º EP Keeping Healthy

When your body works well, you are healthy.
When your body does not work well, you are ill.

A healthy diet keeps you healthy. 
You should eat food from all the food groups.

You should brush your teeth, sleep about 10 hours and exercise a lot.

21 oct. 2013


Fresh food comes from plants and animals.
Farmers and fishermen produce fresh food.

Processed food is made from fresh food in factories.
You should not eat food after the "best before" date.


18 sept. 2013

UNIT 1 SCIENCE 2º EP You and me

Everybody has a name and a unique physical features.
These give us our identity.

Everybody expresses feelings.
It is important to respect other people´s feelings.

Everybody is different, but we all have the same rights.